Job Order Contracting

Helping building owners and contractors increase efficiency and expedite projects through the application of construction cost data

Job Order Contracting is a proven methodology for delivering renovation and remodel projects using a set of standard unit prices and a reiterative project development process. Research studies have shown that Job Order Contracting expedites project delivery by 3-9 months, increases quality, reduces project costs, and increases both owner and contractor satisfaction.

RSMeans supports owners and contractors in Job Order Contracting programs by providing cost data, software, training, and consulting services to help owners and contractors implement and run JOC programs.

The most cost-effective, flexible, and accurate cost data

RSMeans was the first commercial price data used for JOC and is still the industry standard. RSMeans data provides transparency, ease-of-use, flexibility, and the ability to leverage your cost data across the facility enterprise.

JOCWorks Software

RSMeans JOCWorks is our most sophisticated estimating software, with data enhanced for the JOC environment, estimating tools for increasing efficiency, and other great features to support JOC execution.

Expert support of JOC Programs

Let the experts at RSMeans help you set up your JOC program. We offer a flexible array of consulting services to help owners meet program goals with JOC.

JOC Learning Center

Learn about JOC process, line item estimating, and our software by signing up for one of our public seminars or engaging us to create customized training for your JOC program.


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Owners and Facility Managers get more done with less. Subcontractors gain entry into the complex world of public facilities construction. Contractors enhance profitability and business growth.