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What is AEC Cares?

AEC Cares is about linking architecture and construction professionals to the communities where we live and work. Every year, on the day before the AIA National Convention, we bring together Reed Construction Data, the AIA and Hanley Wood, leading manufacturers, generous sponsors and volunteers from across the U.S. for a project that helps the host community.

AEC Cares started in 2011 with projectNOLA, where we helped rebuild five houses that had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In 2012, we worked with Sasha Bruce Youthwork and restored a dilapidated, abandoned building in Washington, D.C., that is now home for underprivileged young people working hard to stay in school and gain skills for their futures.


This year's project is all about children – and making sure they have the best possible start. We're working now to raise funds and materials to create a bright and safe environment that not only gives infants, toddlers and preschoolers a safe place to stay during the day, but also inspires them to learn and succeed.

Together, we can accomplish something amazing. Combining the best of the industry, the best products, the best architects, engineers and GCs and the best volunteers, we can make a difference one community at a time.


Never before have I seen such an excellent example of businesses rolling-up their sleeves to work hand-in-hand with homeless youth advocates.

This is the type of ideal partnership you rarely, if ever, see in action.
Jim Beck, Development Director, Sasha Bruce Youthwork

These are kids who have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, but they don’t have the resources. We’re helping connect them to all the things that we take for granted.
Matthew Aronson, AEC Cares volunteer
AEC Cares in the news
  • "This project has a special place in our hearts because of the population it serves" - Jennifer Forman.
  • "More than 100 volunteers bearing hammers and orange hard hats decended on the house to transform it into a home for the district's homeless youths."
  • "Many of the volunteers are in Washington for the American Institute of Architects conference. They stream in and out carrying lumber and tools, much of it donated for the cause."