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projectChicago 6.25.14
projectChicago will soon be underway! This year we are building better futures for infants, toddlers and preschoolers from very low income families. We're working to brighten and update a facility that gives the children healthy meals and a safe place to stay during the day, while building their confidence, their skills and their interest in school.

projectDenver - 6.19.13
In 2013, we worked with CCFH to help homeless veterans and adults battling disabilities, medical challenges and mental illness. With an outstanding design team and incredible volunteers, we transformed community areas of Beacon Place into safe, comfortable spaces that promote healing and make the residents feel at home.

projectDC - 5.16.12
projectDC gave us the chance to rebuild a home that now gives the homeless and at-risk young people of Sasha Bruce Youthwork a safe and comfortable place to stay, study and learn while they work to complete school.

projectNOLA - 5.12.11
projectNOLA gave us the opportunity to rebuild New Orleans houses devastated by Hurricane Katrina, giving the families much-needed help in getting back on their feet.


What AEC Cares is doing today will bring stability to the lives of the young people.

You are creating shelter for young people who otherwise would not have any. You are creating hope... bringing new opportunities to them.
Vincent C. Gray,
Mayor, Washington, D.C.