Texas Building Codes

Building Codes References

Code TypeCode ModelAmendment Contact
Building/Dwelling CodeIBC 2003N/A
Structural CodeIBC 2003N/A
Electrical CodeNEC 2008N/A
Accessibility CodeTexas Accessibility Standards (TAS)512-463-3211
Applies to publicly-funded, state-owned and state-leased buildings, and public and private buildings as defined by the ADA
Energy CodeIECC 2009; ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2007No amendments
Applies to state-owned and state-funded buildings
Elevator CodeASME A17.1 current; ASME A17.3-2002Online
Gas CodeNoneN/A
Boiler CodeTexas Boiler Safety LawOnline

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

Authorities Having Jurisdiction are those government officials who are the final authority on questions in a particular area (or jurisdiction).
Jurisdictional AreaContact
AccessibilityArchitectural Barriers, Dept. of Lic. & Regulation
Phone: (800) 803-9202
Fax: (512) 475-2886
EnergyState Energy Conservation Office
Phone: (512) 463-1931
Fax: (512) 475-2569
Health DepartmentTexas Dept of State Healkth Services
Phone: (512) 458-7111
Fire MarshalPaul Maldonado
State Fire Marshal
Phone: (512) 305-7900
Boiler InspectorBoiler Division (Dept. of Lic. & Reg.)
Phone: (800) 803-9202
Fax: (512) 475-2871
Elevator InspectorElevators, Escalators & Related Equipment (Dept. o
Phone: (800) 803-9202
Fax: (512) 475-2871