Elementary School Project Case Study in South Carolina

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Project Overview

Project Title:Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School
Estimated Value:$19,900,000 - a more accurate cost estimate is available from RSMeans Online
The cost to build elementary schools in South Carolina depends upon the location, project scope, specific components used and current market conditions. If you are looking to size the cost of building a project similar to this one, an accurate estimate of the costs to build your particular project is available on RSMeansOnline.com.

Project Location

State:South Carolina
Address:1871 Wallace School Rd

Project Type

Building Category:Elementary Schools
Work Type:New

Project Description:

Construction of a new two-story 600-student K-5 facility on the existing site while keeping the existing facility operational during the building process. The facility includes 29 instructional spaces with complementary support areas.

Project Photo Gallery:

Source: Cumming SMG
Source: Cumming SMG
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Source: Cumming SMG
Source: Cumming SMG

Project Owner


Project Design & Engineering


Project Construction

Construction Manager: Cumming|SMG

MasterFormat® Divisions Included in Project Scope

The following product types are included in the plans for this project. Click on any link to get product information from our SmartBuilding Index directory of commercial building products -- including product sourcing, manufacturer catalogs, formatted specs, CAD details and BIM objects.

  • Aggregates for Earthwork
  • Aggregates for Exterior Improvements
  • Bases Ballasts and Paving
  • Cast in Place Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Cementitious Backing Boards
  • Common Work Results for Utilities
  • Concrete Forming
  • Concrete Forming and Accessories
  • Concrete Reinforcing
  • Demolition
  • Earth Moving
  • Electricity Metering
  • Exploratory Excavations
  • Facility Fire Hydrants
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • Gypsum Board
  • Gypsum Sheathing
  • Landfill Construction and Storage
  • Low Voltage Electrical Transmission
  • Manholes and Structures
  • Material Testing
  • Metal Doors and Frames
  • Metal Fabrications
  • Natural Gas Metering
  • Painting and Coating
  • Precast Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Seismic Investigations
  • Selective Site Demolition
  • Selective Structure Demolition
  • Site Clearing
  • Steam Energy Distribution Metering
  • Structural Concrete
  • Subsurface Drilling and Sampling
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Timber Retaining Walls
  • Transportation and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • Unit Masonry Retaining Walls
  • Utilities
  • Water Utility Distribution Fire Hydrants
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