Firestone Specialty Products

Firestone Specialty Products, part of the Bridgestone family of companies, is a world-recognized leader in rubber polymer technology and leading manufacturer of quality waterproofing membranes for residential, commercial, industrial and critical containment applications, as well as leading supplier to modular roofing and masonry sectors.
Dedicated to clients and community, Firestone Specialty Products' strict manufacturing processes deliver superior products, with a worldwide network of distributors for unmatched service and support.

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Firestone Specialty Products
250 West 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260
(317) 575-7233
(317) 575-7002
  • Firestone Flash Gard®
  • Firestone Flexi-Pave℠
  • Firestone MRS Modular Roofing System™
  • Firestone Pond Gard EPDM Geomembrane™
  • Firestone Thru-Wall Flashing™