Progeo Monitoring North America


Progeo Monitoring of North America offers Smartex┬« leak detection solutions for all types of roofing membranes in all types of construction. Progeo Smartex MX, Smartex IS, Smartex LP and Smartex VM systems offer a variety of leak protection options, from 24/7 monitoring with computer-generated status reports to on-demand testing. Available for single-ply, adhered, hot or cold bituminous roofing and waterproofing, the systems not only detect the existance of a leak in the membrane, they can also help locate the position.

Developed in Germany in 1992, Progeo Smartex systems are now installed in over 5.2 million square feet of roofing. With Smartex, owners of new and existing buildings can be confident that they are protected from damage that results when leaks are undetected for even a short time.

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Progeo Monitoring North America
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