Nederman Canada Ltd.

Nederman Canada Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets hose and cable reels as well as products and systems for the extraction of dust, smoke, vehicle exhaust fumes and equipment for industrial cleaning.

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Nederman Canada Ltd.
5775 McLauglin Road
Mississauga, ON L5R 3P7
(905) 366-2200
(905) 366-2206
  • Bench Top Extraction Systems℠
  • Coolant Filtration and Oil Separation℠
  • Ergonomics and Protection℠
  • Exhaust Extraction Systems℠
  • Extraction Arms℠
  • Fans℠
  • Filters℠
  • High Vacuum Accessories℠
  • High Vacuum Dust Collectors and Separators℠
  • High Vacuum Units℠
  • Hose and Cable Reels℠
  • Lubrication℠
  • Metal Chip and Scrap Handling℠
  • Nederman Norclean℠