DuraSystems Barriers Inc.

DuraSystems Barriers Inc. manufactures fire and blast protection products as well as noise reduction solutions for the industrial, commercial, and institutional construction industries in Canada.

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DuraSystems Barriers Inc.
199 Courtland Avenue
Vaughan, ON L4K 4T2
(866) 338-0988
(905) -66-0-88
  • DuraBarriers℠
  • DuraSteel℠
  • Fire Resistant Boards℠
  • Fire Resistant Enclosures℠
  • Fire Walls and Doors℠
  • Fire and Blast Ductwork℠
  • Fire-rated Floor and Ceiling Systems℠
  • Firestopping℠
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems and Access Doors℠
  • Security Blast Protection℠