Coronet, Inc.

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2 Wood Street
Paterson, NJ 07524-1008
(973) 345-7660
(973) 345-8705

Now a full service fluorescent lighting company specializing in architectural grade, energy efficient lighting, Coronet has over 60 years experience in serving the lighting industry. With new facilities, located in Paterson, NJ, Coronet designs and manufactures custom fixtures, and Coronet lighting specialists are available to give energy-saving advice on new projects as well as retrofitting for existing facilities. 

Coronet is an Energy Star Partner and works closely with NYSERTA and the NJ SmartStart Buildings program.

Coronet, Inc. Products and Services

Coronet, Inc. Interior Lighting Fixtures

Coronet, Inc. offers an extensive line of interior fluorescent lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications.
Categorized in Interior Lighting (26 51 00)
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