Dextra America Inc.

Founded in 1983, Dextra America Inc. manufactures and distributes engineered construction products for the building and civil industries such as rock exchange systems and soil, fibre-reinforced polymer bars, tie-rods, architectural tension rods, foundation and form works.

Building Categories that Dextra America Inc. Specializes in

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Dextra America Inc.
9041 Dice Road
Suite 17
Sante Fe Springs 90670
(562) 944-0011
(562) 944-1144
  • Architectural Tension Members℠
  • BAR TEC℠
  • Concrete Spacers℠
  • Drainage Pipe System℠
  • Formwork Accessories℠
  • Post-Tensioning, Pre-Stressing, & Lifting℠
  • Sonic Tubes℠
  • Stressing and Anchoring Bars℠