Architectural Refuse Solutions, LLC


Founded in 2001, Architectural Refuse Solutions, LLC (ARS) manufactures rubbish, linen and recycling chute systems and trash compactors. ARS’s national distributor network provides new construction installations as well as required, annual NFPA Chute Inspections, and preventative maintenance to individual and corporate clients. ARS has also developed three new Chute Life Safety proposals that have been adopted into the International Building Code.


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Architectural Refuse Solutions, LLC
525 Kennedy Road
Akron 44305
(330) 733-5200
(330) 733-4552
  • Apartment Style Compactors℠
  • Chute Accessories℠
  • Chute Discharge Doors℠
  • Chute Intake Doors℠
  • Corner Guards℠
  • Recycling Systems and Chutes℠
  • Rubbish or Trash, Linen, and Construction Chutes℠