AirField Systems

Airfield Systems manufactures AirDrain, the grass paving system for modern green construction. Installed on over 400 projects, AirDrain has a PSI capacity over 1,000 psi higher than the nearest competing product. Made of 100% recycled injection-molded copolymer polypropylene plastic, AirDrain includes an impact modifier achieving a no-break plastic classification, plus a minimum 3% carbon black added for UV protection.

AirDrain's loading capacity is 233 psi unfilled, and 6,747 psi when filled with sand over an appropriate base depth that provides adequate support for project design loads. At a 40% cost savings over the competition, AirDrain comes with up to a 45% cost savings on shipping compared to rolled grass paving products. Each part weighs 3.1 lbs. with an 8% solid volume, shipped palletized at 7 sq. ft. per part, 114 parts and paves approximately 795 sq. ft. per pallet.

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AirField Systems
8028 N. May Avenue
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