FF Systems, Inc.


FF Systems, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative access panels and doors, with a dynamic design attributed to German engineering and technology. Marketed throughout Europe since 1991, the company has a 50,000 square foot facility in the Bavarian area of Germany, with additional facilities in Slovakia, Poland, Italy and a new 13,000 square foot facility in Ft. Myers, Florida.

To reach the highest degree of customer satisfaction through quality, variety and efficiency, FF Systems has partnered with Howe Green and Babcock-Davis.

Howe Green

In the USA, Canada, Bermuda and Bahamas, FF Systems is an exclusive partner of Howe Green, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fabricated metal floor access covers and hatches. The Howe Green range of floor access covers, panels and hatches is designed to provide easy access to concealed services in a diversity of environments, from airports and railway stations to hospitals and museums.

Partnering with FF Systems, Babcock-Davis is a premier provider of complementary building products, including roof hatches, smoke vents, access doors and floor doors, for the commercial construction industry. Providing high quality products and outstanding service to building product distributors for over 100 years, Babcock-Davis understands your business and provides solutions to improve your bottom line.

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FF Systems, Inc.
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