Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.

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300 Fairfield Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 839-1011
(973) 839-1976

Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. manufactures support and protection products used for mounting integrated AV systems within residential, commercial, broadcast and security applications. Engineered to meet thermal considerations and built-in cable management rack requirements while maximizing system reliability, the company's extensive selection of standard products includes steel rack enclosures, monitoring consoles, data cabling management products, audio and video studio furniture, power distribution products and related accessories.

With a customer-first philosophy, Middle Atlantic Products builds ways to save time and simplify the job.

Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. Products and Services

Racks and Rack Enclosures by Middle Atlantic Products

Middle Atlantic Products offers a full line of rack and rack enclosures, with high weight capacities, outstanding useable rackspace and exceptional functionality.
Categorized in Communications Cabinets Racks Frames and Enclosures (27 11 16)
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