Modular Services Company

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109 N.E. 38th Street
Oklahoma, City, OK 73105
(800) 687-0938
(405) 528-0368

Modular Services Company designs, manufactures and services high quality, user-centric medical products to increase productivity and efficiency for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

With over 35 years of industry experience, Modular Services Company understands that every hospital and patient care area is unique and offers headwalls for every clinical application, acuity level and budget— all manufactured with the highest attention to detail.

Modular Services Company Products and Services

Headwalls & Custom Medical Products by Modular Services Company

Modular Services Company designs and manufactures custom medical products, including headwalls, columns, boom systems, flatwalls and critical care carts, to provide innovative and functional systems that help promote patient comfort.
Categorized in Service Walls (10 25 00)
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