Super Trap, Inc.


Super TrapĀ®, Inc. produces a high quality tactical shooting range containment system that improves shooter safety and training, reduces costs and minimizes environmental hazards. Super Trap designs and builds tactical rifle and pistol firing ranges; standard and custom baffles; ballistic safety walls and ceilings; acoustical walls and ceilings; STI gun clearing boxes; tactical targets; mobile ranges; simulated ammunition ranges and targetry systems.

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Super Trap, Inc.
1580 Commerce Street
Corona 92880
(951) 736-9440
(951) 736-9450
  • ELIxIR®
  • Gel-Cor®
  • N-Gage™
  • Ricochet Guard™
  • SACON®
  • Sonex®
  • Sonic Board®
  • Super Trap®