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SealSource International manufactures a line of lithium-silicate products for the hardening, densifying, and sealing of concrete and other stone surfaces. Producing one of the most advanced formulas in the industry, SealSource products provide superior concrete strength and protection against dusting, moisture, abrasion, bacteria, chemical attack, and the general wear and tear sustained by both interior and exterior surfaces over time. 

As a global leader in flooring products and technologies, SealSource approaches each company and relationship as a partnership for success.  Exemplifying superior customer service and support, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the most advanced, sustainable products in the industry – we believe our lithium to be the purest, most effective chemistry available.  Our material is neither a blend nor diluted in any way, so that it can maintain the integrity of what it was created to do.  We exist to make you shine.

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SealSource International
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