Houston & Harris PCS, Inc.

Sewer Inspections, Combination Cleaning, Pipe Cleaning, Storm Drain Inspection, CDS Unit Cleaning, Waterline Inspection, Wet Wells, Dry Wells, Sand Filters, Catch Basins, Culvert Boxes, Sewer Lines, Big Line Cleaning, NASSCO PACP/MACP certified, Sewer Point Repairs, Manhole Inspection, CCTV Inspection, WDR Program, CMOM Requirements, EPA Requirements, Mainline Cleaning, Video Inspection, CDS Units, Utility Pot Holing, Line Locating, Treatment Plant Maintenance, CIPP Liners, Condition Assessments, Camera Repair, Remote Lines, Push Cameras, Debris Boxes, Sewer Inspection, Sewer Inspectors, WinCan Version 8, Granite XP, Vactor Equipment, RST Technical, Pipelogix, SSO Reporting Protocol, Database Services.

Building Categories that Houston & Harris PCS, Inc. Specializes in

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Houston & Harris PCS, Inc.
21831 Barton Rd.
Grand Terrace, CA 92313
(909) 422-8990