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Vegetal i.D. is a leader in green roof and living wall technology because of Vegetal's commitment to research and innovation.

Our HYDROPACK® system was one of the first modular green roof systems in Europe, and remains the number one modular green roof technology in Europe.

Every green roof installed by Vegetal i.D. is populated entirely with plants grown at Vegetal nurseries. Unlike companies that contract out the planting of their product to outsiders, Vegetal believes that the health and durability of our plant stock is dependent on the knowledge, experience, and skill of Vegetal staff in the field.

Vegetal i.D. installed its first green roof in 1989, and have innovated continuously since then, with improvements in the plant mix, the growing medium and the invention of the HYDROPACK tray. Every employee at Vegetal i.D. is involved in the process of innovation from the CEO, to the office staff to the field hands. Every month, employees attend meetings where they are asked for improvements to the process or the product. Vegetal sees innovation not as merely a way to improve its product, but as a strategy that is key to the company’s survival and growth.

Vegetal’s expansion into North America was fueled by the belief that in order for the company to continue its dominance of the European market, it must have a global presence.

The company’s nursery in Batavia, N.Y., has acres and acres of HYDROPACK trays planted and ready to install in an area long known for its fertile soil and excellent growing conditions. The Batavia facility also has easy access to Interstate 90, meaning plants can be delivered anywhere In North America in a matter of days.

Vegetal i.D. is also driven by an imperative to provide extraordinary customer service. Our consultants are at every installation, offering advice and tips to installers to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting green roof.

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