Construction Tie Products

CTP designs and produces masonry anchoring products used for the restoration and construction of masonry buildings. Specializing in retrofitting existing masonry and stone facades with non-obtrusive anchors, these products stabilize the existing veneer. Our product lines include helical wall ties—Stitch-Tie™—mechanical repair anchors—Grip-Tie; stone and precast panel anchoring systems—Stone Grip-Tie; brick veneer anchoring systems, stone anchors, veneer re-anchoring systems from the interior—Façade-Tie Bracket, as well as customized engineered anchoring systems for unique projects.

An American company located in Indiana with multiple sales representatives and suppliers located across the United States, CTP committed to supplying the highest quality masonry tie and construction systems that satisfy all stringent national codes and standards for building structures.

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Construction Tie Products
7974 Orchard Drive
Michigan City, IN 46360
(219) 878-1427
(219) 874-3626
  • Façade-Tie Bracket
  • Grip-Tie
  • Stitch-Tie™
  • Stone Grip-Tie