Woodcarvers Guild Ltd.


The Woodcarvers Guild is a unique organization; formed as a guild in London, England in 1206. Woodcarver's Guild maintains the art of the master craftsmen in making the very finest handmade and hand-carved items such as:

  • Architectural fittings
  • Stair parts
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Carved doors
  • Pediments
  • Wall and ceiling paneling
  • Pilasters and columns
  • Stair components
  • Furniture
  • Four poster beds

All items are custom made to the customer’s specifications and design. Woodcarver's Guild's members are some of the finest artists, craftsmen, woodcarvers, finishers and gilders in the world today. Clients purchase direct from the workshop of the master woodcarver, furniture or architectural fitting maker, so prices are very competitive. Each purchase is a unique handmade piece, sure to become a treasured possession, a family heirloom and the sought-after antique of tomorrow. Woodcarver's Guild's online catalog demonstrates the wide array of available items available.

Capable of creating any item to any design and dimensions; delivered to any country in the world, Woodcarvers Guild is known for quality and reliability—having supplied items to some of the finest homes, chateaus, castles, villas and film productions companies.

The history of the woodcarver and special commissions

Traditionally, a family would go to their village square and commission the local woodcarver to create a piece of furniture, paneling, door and other architectural detail. Providing the woodcarver the design and dimensions of the desired item(s), the family would work with the woodcarver to finalize the design; then the woodcarver would create the commissioned piece.

The Woodcarvers Guild works in the same way as the traditional village craftsman—except that the internet has replaced the village square.

We make everything to order, all the items shown on our website and in our brochures are one-of-a-kind; we can make anything you require.

    Please send the following by post or email:
  • Image: photograph, sketch or drawing, magazine clipping
  • Dimensions
  • Timber: mahogany, oak or other
  • Color finish (dark, medium or light)

Woodcarvers Guild will provide a quote based on the above information. It takes approximately 12–14 weeks to create an order. Upon receipt of the order, Woodcarvers Guild will call the client to handle the deposit and to make delivery arrangements. Balance is payable on delivery or collection.

As long as it is made from hardwood and can be hand carved, Woodcarvers Guild can literally make anything and additionally can provide gilding, artist painting and upholstery.

By adding a family coat of arms, house insignia, initials, logo or motif, heirlooms can be personalized to be handed down through generations.

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