Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

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375 Northridge Rd., Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30350
(770) 804-3363
(800) 899-8455
(770) 804-3369

Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of concrete masonry, lawn, garden, paving products, clay brick, packaged cement mixes, lightweight aggregates and concrete masonry products. With over 206 locations and 7000 employees across 38 states and 2 Canadian provinces, Oldcastle Architectural develops products that are innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Oldcastle Architectural is a U.S. subsidiary of CRH PLC, a top five international building products company, headquartered in Ireland.

Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. Products and Services

Quik-Brik with V-Technology by Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

Manufactured by Oldcastle Architectural, Inc. Quik-Brik with V-Technology is an attractive, cost effective alternative to traditional clay bricks.
Categorized in Concrete Unit Masonry (04 22 00)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (14 total)

Trenwyth Architectural Concrete Masonry Units by Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

Trenwyth, by Oldcastle Architectural, Inc., manufactures a full line of premium architectural concrete masonry units recognized for customization, wide color selections and short lead times.
Categorized in Architectural Concrete Unit Masonry (04 22 23)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (145 total)

Glen Gery Brick by Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

Glen-Gery began making brick in 1850 and today offers over 300 products, with a full range of colors, textures, styles and sizes to meet commercial and residential needs.
Categorized in Brick Masonry (04 21 13)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (12 total)
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  • Florentine™
  • Integra®
  • Plaza Pavers™
  • Q-LITE®
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