Bovard Studio

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2281 Hwy. 34 E
Fairfield, IA 52556-8560
(641) 472-2824
(800) 452-7796
(641) 472-0974
Bovard Studio started in 1971 with independent artist and founder, Ron Bovard. The company has since expanded to 80 plus artists and staff members and 40,000 square feet of modern production space, with a state-of-the-art graphic design department, glass painting studio, stained glass production and restoration facilites, wood and metal shops, showrooms and offices.

Bovard Studio is proud to carry on the tradition of stained glass art as one of the oldest major art forms in the world, with a profound place in history, and provides a complete array of services:

 • Design

 • New window creation

 • Restoration Maintenance

 • Window frames

 • Protective covering systems

 • Engineering

 • Construction management

 • Quality management

Bovard Studio Products and Services

Aluminum Stained Glass Window Framing by Bovard Studio

Bovard Studio is an award winning, full service provider of stained glass solutions for both new construction and restoration projects.
Categorized in Aluminum Windows (08 51 13)
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