Borroughs Corp.


Established in 1937, Borroughs has been building top-quality shelving systems for over six decades. Their focus on producing “A” grade shelving products has given them the expertise to provide systems ranging from a small back room storage requirement to high-rise and multi-level systems.

Borroughs has established itself as a leader in storage systems through a commitment to quality, superior product design and a reputation for outstanding service and responsive on-time delivery.

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Borroughs Corp.
3002 N Burdick St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49004-1291
(269) 342-0161
(269) 342-4161
  • Aisle-Saver®
  • Box Edge Plus®
  • Easy-Trak™
  • Flexi-Bin®
  • Record Master®
  • Rivet-Span®
  • Wilsonstak®