Crane Composites, Inc.


Founded as Kemlite Company in 1954, Crane Composites is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of fiber-reinforced composite materials. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crane Co., $2 billion-dollar business based in Stamford, CT.

Since its inception, Crane Composites has pioneered new products into new fields with new technology resulting in patents and leadership in the products it manufactures.

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Crane Composites, Inc.
23525 W Eames St.
Channahon, IL 60410
(815) 467-8600
(815) 467-8666
  • Fire-X Glasbord®
  • Glasbord®
  • Glasbord-P®
  • Kemlite®
  • Kemply®
  • LascoBoard™
  • LascoLam™
  • Lascolite®
  • Optimax HPL®
  • Qualis®
  • Sanigrid®
  • Surfaseal®
  • Zenicon™