Polyglass U.S.A., Inc.

Polyglass is a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing, waterproofing membranes and roof coatings for low- and steep-slope applications. Committed to adding value through innovation, Polyglass utilizes the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes in the industry, with four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Three facilities are located in the USA and one is located in Italy and serves all of Europe. Polyglass also has operations in Great Britain and Romania.

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Polyglass U.S.A., Inc.
150 Lyon Dr.
Fernley, NV 89408-8900
(954) 233-1330
(954) 418-4453
  • ADESO®
  • Elastoflex®
  • FASTLap®
  • FASTLap Q®
  • Polyflex®
  • Polykool®
  • Polytherm®
  • SEALLap®
  • SEALLap Q®