Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

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133 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 652-4000
(800) 225-6119
(404) 230-7052

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Products and Services

DensGlass™ Ultra Shaftliner

DensGlass™ Ultra Shaftliner from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is the ideal component for gypsum board shaftwall, stairwell and area separation wall/fire wall systems when a fire rating is required.
Categorized in Gypsum Board Assemblies (09 21 16)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (138 total)
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Trade Names
  • DensArmor Plus®
  • DensDeck®
  • DensGlass ®
  • DensShield®
  • Mold-Guard™
  • ToughRock®
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