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Dorma Dr.
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Reamstown, PA 17567
(717) 336-3881
(800) 523-8483
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Knowledgeable and responsive customer service. Products that offer the highest levels of safety and security. Quality solutions. These are the driving forces behind DORMA Architectural Hardware. Built on a tradition of innovation and responsiveness, DORMA Architectural Hardware markets a wide range of state-of-the-art and aesthetically-pleasing door hardware including surface closers, concealed closers, locks and key systems, exit devices, low energy operators, coordinator systems, fire/life safety, overhead stops/holders, access control, and pivots. 

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DORMA Architectural Hardware Products and Services

Architectural Hardware by DORMA Architectural Hardware

DORMA Architectural Hardware manufactures a design-oriented portfolio of door controls, locks, exit devices and electronic access control hardware to deliver safety, security, convenience and comfort to architectural door hardware, specialty hardware for glass door and wall applications, door automation systems and operable wall systems.
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