U.S. Aluminum (United States Aluminum)


Leading manufacturer of Commercial Entrances, Storefronts, Curtain Walls, Window Walls, Windows, Sun Control Systems, Hurricane Resistant Systems, and Blast Resistant Systems. Originally founded in 1960, United States Aluminum offers the glass and glazing industry a broad range of high-quality storefront and curtain wall products available through a North American network of customer-focused service centers. Architects and designers who are familiar with the qualities found in United States Aluminum systems know that they can specify them with confidence to their clients. The company has invested the time and effort required to assure their systems are properly tested to meet the conditions required to pass local and national building codes; including some of the very strictest, such as the Miami-Dade County Protocols for impact resistance and hurricane-prone areas. Now renamed simply U.S. Aluminum in its new partnership with C.R. Laurence, the company continues to make available the architectural systems that have made them a leader in the industry for so long. These systems' reputation for quality benefits not only those who specify and install them, but also the occupants of the buildings into which they have been installed.

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U.S. Aluminum (United States Aluminum)
2450 E. Vernon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90058-1802
(323) 268-4230
(866) 262-3299
  • Durafront™
  • Flush Front™
  • Storm Front™
  • Struct-Link™
  • Thermo-Set™