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1520 Jabez Run, Suite 303
Millersville, MD 21108
(410) 923-0890
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DORMA Glas is widely acknowledged as a leading designer and manufacturer of systems and accessories for tempered glass entrances. Architects and interior designers who want to include the elegance of glass in their projects are continually seeking systems that are unobtrusive and aesthetically compatible with their designs. With a wide range of hardware, from patch fittings to sliding glass partitions, DORMA Glas products offer the versatility designers demand, resulting in elegant minimalist solutions for today's challenges.

A detailed knowledge of contemporary architecture, combined with manufacturing techniques of the highest precision, guarantee innovative products, outstanding functionality, long service life and ease of maintenance for all DORMA Glas Systems.

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DORMA Glas Products and Services

Glass Door Hardware by DORMA Glas

DORMA Glas, a leading manufacturer of systems and accessories for tempered glass entrances, offers a complete line of hardware, from patch fittings to sliding glass partitions, locks and hinges, for versatility, precision, functionality and long service life.
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