Kryton International Inc.


Kryton International Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes a complete line of products to waterproof, repair and protect concrete structures. A worldwide leader with over 35 years of waterproofing success, Kryton offers innovative, time-tested solutions, backed by industry-leading service and support. This multi-million dollar company has offices, agents and manufacturing facilities throughout the world to help build quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness into concrete for new construction, existing structure upgrades or crack repair.

Manufacturers of Similar Products

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Kryton International Inc.
1645 East Kent Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8
(604) 324-8280
(604) 324-8899
  • Bari-Cote™
  • Hydrostop™
  • KIM™
  • Krystol™
  • Krystol T1™
  • Krystol T2™
  • Wall-Gard™