Central Fairbank Lumber

Founded in 1812, Central Fairbank Lumber manufactures an array of wood mouldings, pre-hung and classic doors, columns, mantels, trusses, and other wood products in Canada.

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Central Fairbank Lumber
1900 Steeles Avenue West
Concord, ON L4K 1A1
(905) 738-2111
(905) 738-2263
  • AlphJoist™
  • Bluwood℠
  • Columns℠
  • Concrete Mixes℠
  • Floor Systems℠
  • Insulation℠
  • Lumber℠
  • Mantels℠
  • Mouldings℠
  • Residential and Commercial Locks℠
  • Roof Trusses℠
  • Siding℠
  • Skylights℠