Kirei USA

Kirei is beautiful living through great design....sustainably.  We bring you the newest natural elements to create healthy, sustainable spaces for living, working and play.  Kirei design material - Kirei Board, Kirei Bamboo, Kirei Wheatboard and Kirei Coco Tiles are manufactured from renewable or reclaimed agricultural byproducts and low- or no-added formaldehyde adhesives. Kirei design elements are ideal for use in architectural, millwork and finished product applications in commercial, residential and hospitality settlings.  To find the Kirei representative, dealer or retailer closet to you, go to  If there are none in your state, or close to you, please feel free to contact Kirei for more assistance.

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Kirei USA
412 North Cedros Avenue
Solana Beach, CA 92024
(619) 236-9924
(240) 220-5946