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1908 NW 84th Ave.
Miami, FL 33126
(786) 331-9433
(786) 331-9434
Figueras is a dynamic company based on innovation and design. Specialists in seating solutions for over 76 years, Figueras manufactures an extensive line of fixed and public seating. With over 7.5 million seats installed worldwide, Figueras strives to find the right solution for every project. 

Figueras Seating USA Products and Services

Fixed Audience Seating by Figueras Seating USA

Figueras Seating USA, specialists in seating solutions for over 76 years, manufactures an extensive line of fixed and public seating products. Designed for facilities including auditoriums, lecture halls, theaters, sports venues, airports and conference rooms, Figueras offers stylish, practical, comfortable and space-saving seats for applications throughout the world.
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