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Elderhorst Bells, Inc. manufactures and provides exterior and large interior clocks in a variety of styles from 18 inches to 30 feet in diameter.  All of our standard clock designs may be modified to fit nearly any design requirement.  Our EB Series minute impulse tower clock movements are manufactured in the United States from the best materials ensuring long service life and durability.  All of our clock assemblies and clock movements are controlled by quartz based clock controllers with lithium battery backup for automatic time correction, and automatic daylight savings time correction.  GPS time synchronization is available.

Elderhorst Bells, Inc. also provides and installs new cast bronze church bells and bell ringing equipment.  Refurbishment services are also available with electrically operated swinging and ringing systems a specialty.  Digital Carillons and equipment provided. 

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Elderhorst Bells, Inc.
875 Gravel Pike
Palm, PA 18070
(800) 810-7892
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