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9780 South 5200 West
West Jordan, UT 84081
(800) 233-8654
(801) 280-5220
Established in 1891, Interstate Brick is a premier U.S. commercial manufacturer of distinctive face brick, structural brick, pavers and coping products. Created from clays mined in the mountainous terrain of Utah and Wyoming, Interstate Brick products have unique colors and strong visual appeal, and are offered in standard and custom shapes, textures and sizes. Structural engineers and other technical staff readily available for project consultation with AEC professionals.

Interstate Brick Products and Services

Interstate Brick Residential and Commercial Brick Products

Interstate Brick face brick, structural brick, pavers and coping products are mined and produced from unusually colored, lightweight clays normally located deep in the earth but accessible in Utah and Wyoming due to tilting resulting from earthquake activity.
Categorized in Clay Unit Masonry (04 21 00)
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