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1766 Sabre St.
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 785-0510
(510) 785-2517

Acutherm is an industry-leading manufacturer, designer and distributor of modular VAV systems and thermally powered VAV diffusers for use in HVAC systems. This global company maintains both research and manufacturing facilities for increased quality control, allowing on-going product improvement and innovative product development.

Acutherm has been meeting the needs of engineers, contractors, owners and occupants for more than 30 years. Whether it’s diffusers, system controls, or heating units, Acutherm has the future of efficient, high quality VAV systems in mind.

Acutherm Products and Services

Thermally Powered VAV Diffusers by Acutherm

With over two million installed worldwide, Acutherm Thermally Powered VAV Diffusers deliver outstanding air distribution, with longer throws, more entrainment, even temperature distribution, higher ADPI and better ventilation effectiveness for projects ranging from education, healthcare and transportation.
Categorized in Variable Air Volume Units (23 36 16)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (86 total)
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Trade Names
  • PIM™
  • SMC™
  • Therma-Fuser™
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