Allied Tube & Conduit Corp.


Allied Tube & Conduit Corp is the largest business unit of Tyco Electrical & Metal Products. With over 40 years of manufacturing quality products for numerous industries, Allied has proven itself a market leader in the mechanical tubing, fire sprinkler pipe, and electrical conduit markets.

Allied Tube & Conduit was founded on a cost-saving innovation platform, and low-cost manufacturing continues to be the basis of the company’s success.

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Allied Tube & Conduit Corp.
16100 S Lathrope Ave.
Harvey, IL 60426-6021
(708) 339-1610
(708) 339-9838
  • Flo-Coat®
  • Gatorshield®
  • Power-Strut™
  • Qwik-Coat®
  • Qwik-Punch®
  • Signature Series®
  • Square-Fit®