American Seating Inc.

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401 American Seating Center
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-4499
(616) 732-6600
(800) 748-0268
(616) 732-6401

American Seating is an industry-recognized leader in innovative product seating solutions for classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, cafeterias, libraries and administration offices in K-12 and college and university markets, as well as seating for transportation and entertainment. American Seating products can be found in major metropolitan areas throughout North America and in famous venues such as Madison Square Garden, Dodger Stadium and Fenway Park.

Founded in 1886, the company successfully sets and maintains the industry benchmark for durability, reliability and customer satisfaction, engineering innovative designs, listening to customers and offering service and value long after installation.  

Engineered and built to last, American Seating product solutions provide exceptional value.

American Seating Inc. Products and Services

Fixed Seating Solutions by American Seating Inc.

American Seating designs and manufactures innovative and proven fixed seating solutions that provide quality, longevity and a great return on investment for offices, classrooms, professional sports stadiums, performing arts centers and a wide range other venues.
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Trade Names
  • Acton Stacker®
  • Bio Chair®
  • Centrum 3®
  • Cue™
  • Dimension®
  • Evo™
  • Framework™
  • Spirit®
  • Stellar®
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