MBCI (Manufacturer)

MBCI is the industry leading manufacturer of metal roof and metal wall panels for both single skin and insulated panel applications. With our large product selection and full engineering and design capabilities, MBCI is fully capable of supporting the design community from project conception through project completion.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, MBCI has 20 manufacturing facilities and sales offices positioned strategically throughout the United States. With nearly 100 different metal roof and wall panel profiles, along with secondary structural, trim and related accessory items, you’re sure to find what you need to make your design a success.

Products and Services

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems by MBCI

MBCI offers two types of single skin standing seam metal roof systems: vertical leg and trapezoidal structural standing seam metal roof systems. A standing seam metal roof system from MBCI is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry.
Categorized in Roof Panels (07 41 00) & Metal Roof Panels (07 41 13) & Sheet Metal Roofing (07 61 00) & Standing Seam Sheet Metal Roofing (07 61 13)

eco-FICIENT® Insulated Metal Roof Panel by MBCI

eco-FICIENT® Insulated BattenLok® is MBCI’s standing seam insulated metal roof panel. Insulated metal panels offer many advantages over traditional building envelope materials, including lower initial costs, greater energy efficiency, reduced weight and quicker installation time.
Categorized in Roofing and Siding Panels (07 40 00) & Metal Roof Panels (07 41 13)

eco-FICIENT® Insulated Metal Wall Panels by MBCI

eco-FICIENT® insulated metal wall panels provide effective insulation systems for buildings and have long-term positive impacts on the environment due to their ability to reduce energy use. Their high R-values provide superior thermal performance and reduce energy consumption.
Categorized in Wall Panels (07 42 00) & Metal Wall Panels (07 42 13) & Insulated Metal Wall Panels (07 42 13.19)

Concealed Fastening Metal Roof Systems by MBCI

Concealed fastener metal roofs are an aesthetically pleasing option and are typically used in architectural applications but are also ideal for residential and commercial applications.
Categorized in Roof Panels (07 41 00) & Metal Roof Panels (07 41 13) & Sheet Metal Roofing (07 61 00)

Concealed Fastening Metal Wall Systems by MBCI

MBCI has a variety of concealed fastening metal wall systems, ideal for many architectural applications.
Categorized in Metal Roof Panels (07 41 13) & Wall Panels (07 42 00) & Formed Metal Wall Panels (07 42 13.13)

NuRoof Retrofit® System by MBCI

MBCI’s NuRoof® retrofit roof system utilizes light gauge steel framing installed over the existing roof’s framing members to create a sloped plane.
Categorized in Structural Metal Framing (05 10 00)

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