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2800 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95050-2619
(408) 988-5331
(800) 879-8585
(408) 988-5373
WattStopper is an innovative manufacturer of commercial and residential control solutions, ranging from digital lighting management to lighting control panel systems, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, fixture sensors and controls, wireless lighting controls and plug load controls. 

Dedicated to energy-efficient lighting control for over 25 years, WattStopper offers sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, as well as time-saving programs, tools and services, to meet sustainable design goals for a range of applications. It is the WattStopper vision to make make buildings and homes more energy efficient through lighting controls

WattStopper Products and Services

Lighting Control Devices by WattStopper

WattStopper lighting control devices offer energy savings, convenience, flexibility, information, productivity, safety and security, with advanced energy efficiency for sustainability programs.
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  • WattStopper®
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