Victor Stanley, Inc.

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PO Drawer 330
2183 Brickhouse Rd.
Dunkirk, MD 20754-0330
(301) 855-8300
(800) 368-2573
(410) 257-7579

Victor Stanley, Inc. incorporates carefully integrated designs with innovative use of materials and technology to produce durable, strong, attractive and environmentally sustainable site furniture. Founded in 1962, the company now has 200,000+ square feet of manufacturing space and installations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and over twenty countries worldwide.

From design to production, the Victor Stanley manufacturing goal is to provide consistent value and quality in each component of every product.

Victor Stanley, Inc. Products and Services

Benches, Litter Receptacles, Tables and Chairs by Victor Stanley

For over 48 years, Victor Stanley, Inc.
Categorized in Site Furnishings (12 93 00)
Documents Available: SmartBIM Objects available for download (22 total)
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Trade Names
  • Goblet Series™
  • Ironsites™
  • Litter King Series™
  • ProTone™
  • Site Cube™
  • T Series™
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