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811 Madison Ave.
Toledo, OH 43604_5684
(419) 247-4506
(800) 221-0444
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As a leading global glass manufacturer, Pilkington provides one of the broadest ranges of glass products available in the world today. Pilkington products help control energy usage, protect against fire, insulate against noise, provide safety and security, afford decoration and privacy, are used in all-glass facades and include self-cleaning properties. Continuous product innovation ensures the development of the most appropriate products for North America and the global marketplace. Pilkington is committed to being at the forefront of new product development. 

Pilkington North America Products and Services

The Pilkington Family of Glass Products

Because all of Pilkington’s coated products are true pyrolytics, the aesthetic and performance properties are an integral part of the surface of the glass itself, and not just a coating.
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Trade Names
  • Activ™
  • Arctic Blue™
  • Eclipse™
  • Eclipse Advantage™
  • Energy Advantage™
  • EverGreen™
  • Mirropane ™
  • OptiView™
  • Optifloat™
  • Optiwhite™
  • Planar™
  • Profilit™
  • Pyrodur™
  • Pyrostop™
  • Solar-E™
  • SuperGrey™
  • TEC Glass™
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