ECORE International

Manufacturer Profile

715 Fountain Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 295-3400
(800) 322-1923
ECORE International is an industry leader in recycled products technology. ECORE develops innovative, sustainable products of the highest quality that meet or exceed all government and industry standards. Each year, ECORE recycles 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber, helping to conserve more than one million barrels of oil in the process to convert pliable treads into durable products for the construction, consumer, commercial, industrial, and sports and leisure markets. The ECORE Commercial Flooring Division includes the following brands: ECOsurfaces, Everlast sports surfacing, ECO98, QT Sound Insulation.
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Trade Names
  • ColorMill EPDM®
  • Custom Colors℠
  • Custom Logos℠
  • Dodge Cork Tile®
  • E-Grip II®
  • ECOcomfort®
  • ECOearth®
  • ECOmax®
  • ECOnights®
  • ECOnights for ESD®
  • ECOnights for Sports®
  • ECOrocks®
  • ECOsand®
  • ECOsilence®
  • ECOstars®
  • ECOstone®
  • ECOsurfaces®
  • ECOunderlayments®
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