Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc.

Manufacturer Profile

PO Box 270
113 Main St.
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403
(973) 838-1780
(800) 569-8423
(973) 492-8430

Headquartered in a state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot facility in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, The VMC Group is comprised of four industry-leading divisions that offer state-of-the-art shock, vibration, seismic and noise control products across a range of industries, including HVAC, commercial construction, architecture, military, defense, aerospace, marine, vehicular, electronics and power generation.

A recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation and seismic restraint products, the Vibration Mountings & Controls division has delivered innovative vibration isolation products and solutions to the HVAC industry for over 65 years.

Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc. Products and Services

SAB Series Seismic Mounts by The VMC Group

The VMC Group manufactures a full range of seismic mounts and restraints to control the motion of equipment, piping and ductwork during seismic activity.
Categorized in Vibration and Seismic Controls for HVAC Piping and Equipment (23 05 48)

MS and MSS Series Seismically Rated Isolators by The VMC Group

MS and MSS Series Isolators, designed to minimize code-required seismic loads on isolated equipment, are the newest generation of seismic mounts by the Vibration Mountings & Controls company of The VMC Group.
Categorized in Vibration and Seismic Controls for HVAC Piping and Equipment (23 05 48)
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