Bekaert Corp.


Bekaert is an international company — headquartered in Belgium. Its business is built on two core competences: advanced metal transformation and advanced materials and coatings.

Bekaert manufactures products such as Dramix® steel fibers for concrete reinforcement, strands and wires for prestressed concrete elements, plastering mesh and corner beads. Other important products include window films and cables and cable wires for applications in elevators and other machinery.

Manufacturers of Similar Products

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Bekaert Corp.
Building 500, Suite 100
1395 S Marietta Pkwy.
Marietta, GA 30067-4440
(770) 421-8520
(770) 421-8521
  • Armanet®
  • Dramix®
  • Fortinet®
  • GrassTrac®
  • Murfor®
  • Nylofor®
  • PaveTrac®
  • Poutrafil®
  • Stucanet®
  • Wiremix®