PPG Architectural Finishes

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One PPG Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15272
(412) 434-3131
(800) 441-9695
(800) 367-2986

PPG Architectural Finishes Products and Services

Interior and Exterior Paints by PPG Architectural Finishes

PPG Pittsburgh® Paints offers one of the industry's most comprehensive product lines, as well as innovative color tools, a team of industry experts dedicated to the architectural community, over 1800 hues and paint for virtually any application.
Categorized in Painting (09 91 00)
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Trade Names
  • AccuData™
  • AccuDesign™
  • AccuMatch™
  • AccuVision™
  • Aquapon®
  • Auto-Mix Genie™
  • Brilliant Reflections™
  • Coal Cat®
  • DesignaColor™
  • Duracolor™
  • Hide-A-Spray®
  • Lavax®
  • Manor Hall®
  • Metalhide®
  • Multiprime®
  • Olympic®
  • Permanizer Plus®
  • Pitt-Char™
  • Pitt-Cryl®
  • Pitt-Flex®
  • Pitt-Glaze™
  • Pitt-Guard®
  • Pitt-Tech™
  • Pitt-Therm®
  • Pitthane®
  • Pittsburgh Paints®
  • Polyclutch®
  • Rez®
  • Satinhide®
  • Seal-Grip™
  • Speedcraft®
  • Speedhide®
  • Speedpro™
  • Sun-Proof®
  • Suncare™
  • SuperTech™
  • Tankhide®
  • Wallcare™
  • Wallfresh®
  • Wallhide®
  • Weatherfresh®
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