Transpo Industries, Inc.


Transpo Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of “Smart Solutions” for the transportation industry.

Since 1968, their products have been widely recognized for their quality, performance and reliability. New technologies, such as polymer concrete materials and precast products keep them in the forefront of their industry.

Transpo received ISO 9001 certification for the design, manufacture and supply of transportation construction materials and safety products in May 2001. Their Castek division received ISO 9002 certification in September of the same year.

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Transpo Industries, Inc.
20 Jones Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801-6000
(914) 636-1000
(914) 636-1282
  • Blast-Safe™
  • Bondade™
  • Break-Safe®
  • EnviroSafe™
  • Pole-Safe®
  • Sealate®
  • Step-Safe®
  • Visi-Barrier™
  • Visi-Curb™