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05/22 - Construction Spending Inches up in March
05/22 - Heavy Engineering (Non-Building) Construction Spending Down for the Third Month in a Row
05/22 - Nonresidential Building Construction Down Slightly in March
05/22 - New Residential Construction Spending Continues to Improve
05/22 - Twenty major upcoming courthouse and jail/prison construction projects
05/18 - Much of the economy, inflation included, is on hold until Greece decides its fate
05/18 - RSMeans’ dollar-per-square-foot construction costs for four types of recreational buildings
05/16 - U.S. home starts in April added to other generally good news
05/16 - Neither retail trade nor inflation in the U.S. surprised in April
05/11 - Stronger investment and exports should quicken B.C.’s economic pulse in 2012/13
05/10 - The U.S. foreign trade deficit worsened in March but that may be a good thing
05/10 - Canada’s trade surplus in March increased but remained negligible
05/08 - Top 10 and trend graph-April 2012
05/01 - Equity Markets Take Stock in April While Manufacturing Wavers
04/30 - Canada’s GDP declined 0.2% in February but better news from elsewhere
04/27 - Brighter employment picture points to increased commercial office construction
04/26 - Construction Spending Continues to Fall in February
04/26 - Heavy Engineering (Non-Building) Construction Spending Drops Again in February
04/26 - Nonresidential Building Construction Spending Fell for the Second Month in a Row in February
04/26 - New Residential Construction Spending Continues to Improve
04/24 - Retail sales growth in Canada isn’t keeping up with the U.S.
04/24 - RSMeans’ dollar-per-square-foot construction costs for four types of college buildings
04/20 - Construction Materials Prices Rise More Slowly in March
04/17 - U.S. New Homes Market Continued to Stumble Along in March
04/13 - Auto industry should help drive Ontario economy faster in 2012
04/12 - Twenty major upcoming residential and transportation terminal construction projects
04/10 - U.S. Employment in March Increased at a Slower Pace than Expected
04/10 - Top 10 and trend graph-March 2012
04/02 - Stock Market Faith in the North American Economy Remains Gratifying
03/30 - Spring appears to be also sending up green economic shoots
03/27 - RSMeans’ dollar-per-square-foot construction costs for 3 law enforcement buildings and a post office
03/26 - Construction Spending Begins the Year on a Downer
03/26 - Heavy Engineering (Non-Building) Construction Spending Slips in January
03/26 - Nonresidential Building Construction Falls in January
03/26 - New Residential Construction Spending Continues to Improve
03/26 - Inflation’s Okay for Now, Starting to Set Off Alarm Bells for Longer-term
03/23 - Retail Sales Increase a Tad More Dramatically in the U.S. than in Canada
03/20 - The U.S. Housing Market has Stepped up a Notch in Latest Four Months
03/16 - Investment plans remain very positive despite challenging external economic environment
03/13 - Twenty major upcoming hotel and retail construction projects

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